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It’s nearly Christmas and every parent’s nightmare…. The pandemic is over, we have gone from homemade cloth masks to medical grade masks if we still need them, and we all know to look for the reassuring ‘CE’ logo. Not only masks, but toys, medical devices, car parts, safety shoes and so many other products – […]

“…the risks of using QR codes, and today people have only begun to understand the risks of smart cameras.” The pandemic taught people how to use QR codes, now the bad guys are catching up. Interesting article from Enterprise Security Mag talks about what the data threatscape will look like in 2023. The problem with […]

QR code fraud comes to the isle of wight. Same method as elsewhere, leave a QR code in a public place, like on a parking meter – then people see the QR code, scan the QR code have their money taken away. Countermark is an easy to print encrypted data carrier, we keep people safe […]

It was great to visit the AMPC Showcase in Melbourne, Australia to present the AMPC sponsored project that uses Countermark to implement Farm to Plate / Plate to Farm traceability. The best bit was meeting many of the great people who care deeply about Aussieproduce, and saw the AMPC Showcase as a way of finding better ways […]

Do you know where your food came from? Countermark showcased its food traceability solution to the Aussie Beef industry in Melbourne, Australia. Great to meet our customers and have the opportunity to share how Countermark can assist along the supply chain. Sean Starling and Stuart Shaw visiting the Countermark stand On the stand we demonstrated […]

“Electric Vehicle charging stations with QR codes for payment by smartphone. …there is a risk of fraud by pasting over the code.” The German Payment Systems Initiative (IDZ) has commissioned a case study on e-charging stations in Europe. Amongst other things, it found that 32 charging providers used QR codes as a payment mechanism – […]

Regular readers will know my view on QR codes, the FBI have just published an advisory on the issue highlighting familiar points already made by me on this platform.   The recommendations made in the article will break business models – the outfits with custom QR apps now have a situation where the FBI discourage […]