How do I configure the workflow for the Countermark Word Add-in?

To keep the Countermark Word Add-in interface straightforward, some options are chosen beforehand by the Account Holder.


Login to the Countermark website as the Account Holder.


Select Dashboard from the ‘Hello’ menu


If the required Issuers have already been created, click to enter the Edit API Default Values page, otherwise see the FAQ entry for Managing Issuer(s).

The additional details required to use the Countermark Word Add-in are entered here. This ensures that the Word Add-in Issuer consistently produces the same flavour of Countermark each time.

Expiry Units

Select the units (Days / Weeks / Months / Years) to determine when each Countermark will expire.

Expiry Value

Select the number of Days / Weeks / Months / Years after which the Countermark will expire. Range 1 to 60 (except Years, 1 to 19).

Language Font

Choose the font to be used in the Countermark, this can be Latin, Cyrillic, Katakana or Chinese. English is written in Latin Font.


Optional text that is used to help you identify Countermarks. It could be used as a product identifier, a batch number or anything else you require, this will be displayed in the Reference field of the Countermark Add-In and can be used to search Countermark logs.

Attachment Type

Set to either a PDF file or URL website link for different usage scenarios.

    • PDF allows the PDF selected by the Word Add-In to be sent to the phone when the Countermark is read.
    • URL causes a web browser on the phone to be opened on the URL selected when the Countermark is read.


Press the Update button when done.

The Countermark Word Add-in Issuer will now be able to generate the type of Countermarks that have been set by the Account Holder. These values can be altered any time by the Account Holder and will affect all Countermarks subsequently created.