How do I manage Issuers?

An Account Holder has the ability to create a number of Issuer accounts up to the subscription limit. To increase the subscription limit, please contact us. To access the Manage Issuer(s) page:


Login to the Countermark website as the Account Holder.


Select Dashboard from the ‘Hello’ menu



Click on Manage Issuer(s).



On the Manage Issuers page, there are sections for Active and Inactive Issuers as well as for adding a New Issuer.



Fill in the details for the New Issuer that you want to add. The account number and email address will be required when they log on.



Press the Add New Issuer button.



The Account is created and a confirmation banner is shown. The Account Holder can enable or disable Issuers from the Manage Issuer(s) page by pressing the Enable or Disable buttons.



The warning at the bottom of this page lets the Account Holder know that they have reached their subscription limit for the number of Active Issuers.


This completes the Account Holders part of creating a new Issuer. An email will be sent to the Issuer containing a link for them to complete the remainder of the account set-up:



Issuer – Account Setup Completion

To complete the account setup, click on the link in the Countermark registration email. This will take you to a page to confirm your details and enter your own password.



Enter your password details into the required fields and tick the Terms and Conditions box once satisfied with them. Make a note of the Account Number.

Press the Register button to complete the registration process.



You are now able to log in to the website or sign in to the Word Add-in using your Account Number, Email Address and the Password you entered.