What’s the difference between an Issuer, a Group and a User?

There are three types of personnel associated with Countermarks.


  • Issuer:  An individual who uses the Countermark website to make (issue) Countermarks and inserts them into documents. The Issuer also has the access rights to create Users and Groups and set the Countermark’s access rules.


  • Group:  An Issuer collects a number of users into a Group to share access to a Private Countermark.


  • User:  An individual with a phone who is permitted to read a Countermark.
    • A ‘Public’ User can read a Countermark at all locations without access limits.
    • A ‘Private’ User is allocated to a specified Group authorised to read a Countermark on authorised phones.
    • A ‘Registered‘ User can only read a Countermark on a phone that has its location enabled and email confirmed.