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We developed Countermark to avoid the inherent security problems of QR codes. We understand sometimes you need to attach data to physical objects, electronic documents and signage. The real sting in the tail with QRishing and QR fraud is that people are having to use their privately owned phones for two factor authentication on their […]

Nancy: “… they take you directly to a place, a website, and you don’t really know where your goin’ till you get there Hank”.   (link to soundcloud / Radio Worcester)   America’s Better Business Bureau is running an awareness campaign on North American radio and TV warning people about malicious QR codes and how […]

U.S. Energy Giant Falls Victim to Unprecedented QR Code Phishing Attack QR codes are free and easy to read and have now been used in an email Phishing attack on a US energy giant. The attack is based on the fact that corporate and private email protection systems normally permit jpg, and pdf files in […]

Key document may be fake in LGBTQ+ rights case before US supreme court Christian website designer says she received email request from same-sex couple but ‘author’ says he did not send it – and is not gay. The Countermark team know it hard to check if a document is genuine – that is why we […]

ChatGPT and Me : – how do you know if someone has been checking the secure document you created? Me:- Use the Countermark Logs Page to search for a single Countermark, or a group of Countermarks. You can see when it was checked, and according to GDPR settings, where it was scanned and by whom. […]

ChatGPT and Me: – how do you stop a document from being falsified?   Me:- Use the Countermark Add-in for Microsoft Word to add a Countermark to a document, then when someone scans the Countermark on the document, the Countermark App will email the original document to them. Countermark also works on electronic copies of […]

  ChatGPT and Me: – Is there a simple method of verifying documents?   Me:- Use the Countermark App to scan the Countermark on the document, the Countermark App will email the original document to you. www.countermark.com   ChatGPT:- Yes, there are several simple methods that can be used to verify the authenticity of documents. […]

The British justice system has always been hard to understand for people outside the country, I have to say sometimes it is difficult for those of us that live here. In the linked story a businessman was caught out selling fake vinyl LP’s on-line at £35.00 each. Reportedly the seller was caught out when a […]

Farmers Weekly reported (29/03/2023) that there is yet another food fraud scandal within Britain’s food retail sector, this time concerning Country-of-Origin of foreign pork.  With a particular food manufacture being scrutinised for their inadequate food processing procedures causing serious food safety risks to the public.  (see Food Fraud link below)   The Farmers Weekly article […]

Last week’s news coverage of the UK Governments ‘party gate’ investigation confirms the theory that honesty is always the best policy. You can query, nudge, look for signs of dissembling, uncertainty, listen to weasel words, ask outright, hold it up to the sun or bite into it, but it is hard to know if the […]

Zholia Alemi’s fake degree certificate from the University of Auckland allowed her to work for NHS trusts and private providers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  The woman who pretended to be a qualified psychiatrist to work illegally for more than 20 years has been jailed for fraud.  Alemi was caught only after trying […]

Foreign beef sold as British beef in the UK – There is a (British) app for that. On Friday 10th March 2023, numerous news-sites reported a national food fraud probe by the Food Standards Agency in connection to fraudulent beef products and the immediate removal from retailers’ shelves (see Food Fraud link below). The Australian […]